Round 1

Capability Building Workstreams

Workforce Development

One of the barriers to the integration of genomics into health care delivery is the specialised nature of genomics medicine.

The genomics workforce development project aims to build genomics knowledge and skills in current and future scientists and clinicians by developing continued education materials for delivery through Queensland Health’s online learning platforms.

This project has established the first Masters in Diagnostic Genomics in Australasia which is available for health professionals and researchers interested in furthering their knowledge of genomics.


MSc Diagnostic Genomics Course Development:

  • Course approval through QUT committees

  • Staff appointment (Course Staff, Website Developer)

  • Develop lecture materials and examinations for MSc and CEPD (Year 1 Core Subjects)

  • Website development for subject portals

Development of educational materials for the broader clinical professional’s community - Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) Program:

  • Building on the training/education materials developed by Genetic Health Queensland clinical genetics education program and including lecturers involved in the for the Masters in Diagnostics Genomics course, the Genomic Workforce Development Project Team (and potentially partnering with other clinical education units within Queensland Health), will develop complementary professional development materials for broader health professionals

MSc Diagnostic Genomics Course Launch:

  • Application to MSc / Final Acceptance

  • Year 1 Semester 1: Launch 4 core subjects learning portal

  • Year 1 Semester 2: Launch 4 core subjects learning portal

  • Year 2 Semester 1: Launch 2 elective subjects, placement/research

  • Expected first graduates

Project Investigators

  • Lead - Professor Lyn Griffiths, Queensland University of Technology

  • Dr Chirag Patel, Genetic Health Queensland

  • Dr Michael Gabbett, QUT

  • Professor Kathryn North, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

  • Ms Mary-Anne Young, Genome One

  • Ms Louise Carey, SEALS Pathology Laboratory, Victoria

  • Dr Amanda Dixon-McIver, Innovative Genetic Diagnosis

  • Dr David Hansen, Australian E-Health Research Centre, CSIRO

  • Dr Dominique Gorse, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation

  • Associate Professor Julie McGaughran, Genetic Health Queensland

  • Dr Michael Gattas, Brisbane Genetics, Wesley Hospital

  • Professor Sunil Lakhani, Pathology Queensland

  • Associate Professor Kristine Barlow-Stewart, University of Sydney

  • Professor Sylvia Metcalfe, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

  • Fiona Cunningham, Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance

  • Dr Karen Carpenter, Diagnostics Genomics Laboratory of Pathwest

  • Dr Belinda Chong, Victorian Clinical Genetics Services

  • Dr Michael Fietz, Diagnostics Genomics Laboratory of Pathwest

  • Dr Catherine McCarthy, Queensland Fertility Group

  • Dr Sarah Moore, SA Pathology

  • Professor Jo Lind, Macquarie University

  • Vanessa Tyrrell, Children's Cancer Institute

  • Professor Matthew Brown, Queensland University of Technology

  • Dr Louisa Gordon, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

  • Professor Amanda Spurdle, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

  • Dr Ann-Marie Patch, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

  • Professor Nicholas Graves, Queensland University of Technology

  • Professor Belinda Bennett, Queensland University of Technology

  • Dr Fiona McDonald, Queensland University of Technology

  • Associate Professor Paul Leo, Queensland University of Technology

  • Dr Larisa Haupt, Queensland University of Technology

  • Ivan McGowan, Mater Health Services

  • Lemise Kassim, Sullivan And Nicolaides Pathology

  • Jennifer Berkman, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

  • Charmaine Pollock, Sullivan And Nicolaides Pathology

  • Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo, Queensland University of Technology

Workforce Development Factsheet [pdf]