Seeking Industry Partners for QGHA’s Round 2 Investment

QGHA’s Round 2 investment decision making process is underway from June to November 2018. QGHA has developed an investment decision model for Round 2 Clinical Projects in which QGHA calls for Expressions of Interest (EOI) and works with applicants through a gate-based co-design process.

Round 2 process diagram.png

You can lodge your interest in collaborating with our Round 2 applicants through the form below and we will provide your details to the relevant applicant(s) who will advise if they are happy to be contacted.

Our applications fall into 4 categories:

  • Genomics in cancer services

Application 1
Application 2
Application 6
Application 25

  • Genomics in paediatric services

Application 7
Application 9
Application 11
Application 13
Application 14
Application 16
Application 18
Application 22
Application 24

  • Genomics in adult services

Application 7
Application 13
Application 16
Application 20
Application 21

  • Genomics in infectious disease services

Application 10
Application 19
Application 23

The above summaries are for projects that are currently being evaluated for funding in Gate 2. A subset of these projects will progress to the Industry and Communities Gate (Gate 3), but not all. You will be informed of the outcome of any applications in which you have expressed an interest. We will also notify Queensland Health of your interest in partnering in Queensland.

Please note, QGHA cannot provide procurement or contractual advice and will not be directly contracting industry partners for clinical projects.  Any contractual arrangements must be arranged via the applicant’s organisation in accordance with the organisation’s procurement processes.

Enquiries from research and interested patient and community groups are also welcome and QGHA will notify applicants of your interest.

Please complete the form below to register your interest.

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