Round 2 Overview

Round 2

Focus for Round 2

The role of QGHA is to maximise the benefits presented by genomic medicine and more broadly precision medicine. QGHA brings together healthcare system innovation, medical and social research to enable the implementation of medical genomics into mainstream healthcare.

In Round 2, QGHA moves from its initial research, demonstration and discovery orientation in Round 1, to a focus on patient outcomes through:

  • Investing in genomics-based clinical implementation projects

  • Creating an incubation pipeline for future clinical implementation

  • Investing in clinical innovation projects to match future needs

  • Building the required capability and infrastructure in the health system.

The Round 2 investment decision making process is a project co-design process running from June 2018 – November 2018. QGHA is implementing an investment decision model for Round 2 Clinical Projects in which QGHA calls for Expressions of Interest (EOI) and works with applicants through a gate-based co-design process. The below image provides an overview of the gate process, which brings together the Round 2 clinical projects with the capability and infrastructure work program for 2019.

CIWP Diagram.png

It is expected that successful projects will be awarded in December 2018, with clinical and capability project start-up activities in early 2019. 

The following principles for Round 2 investment and decision making have been approved by Queensland Health.