Capability and Infrastructure Work Program

Round 2

The Capability & Infrastructure Work Program (2019) Business Case is currently being developed in partnership with:

  • Round 1 Capability Building Workstreams

  • Queensland Health business functions and state-wide services

  • Round 2 Clinical Projects.

QGHA will invest in activities that build the capability and supporting infrastructure needed for the implementation of clinical genomics into Queensland healthcare.

The Capability & Infrastructure Work Program (2019) will incorporate activities:

  • that support Queensland Health’s state-wide services and core business functions to service medical genomics, and

  • that support the needs of Round 2 Clinical Projects.

Queensland Health core functions include:

  • eHealth Qld

  • Health Services Queensland

  • Pathology Qld

  • Forensic and Scientific Services

  • Genetic Health Qld

  • Clinical Excellence Qld

  • Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division

  • Hospital and Health Services, including Children’s Health Queensland.

The 2019 work program activities will be based around QGHA’s Genomics Adoption Framework. The 2019 Capability and Infrastructure Work Program will be announced in late 2018.

QGHA Genomics Adoption Framework.png