Round 1

Capability-Building Workstreams

The integration of genomics into everyday healthcare has the capacity to transform the delivery of health services globally with faster diagnosis, new treatments, and more cost effective service delivery. The QGHA will focus on a number of clinical demonstration projects and capability building workstreams to support the use of genomics in the healthcare setting.

A core theme among many of the QGHA’s over-arching goals and objectives is to build capability and broad supporting infrastructure that will enable an acceleration of the implementation of clinical genomics in Queensland.

The five Capability-building Workstreams identified as critical in this regard are:

Workforce Development

One of the barriers to the integration of genomics into health care delivery is the specialised nature of genomics medicine. The genomics workforce development project aims to build genomics knowledge and skills in current and future scientists and clinicians by offering opportunities for continued education, in the form of award programs (PG Certificate, PGDiploma, Masters) and, through workplace seminars and short courses.  This project will establish the first MSc program in Diagnostic Genomics in Australasia which would be available from 2018 for health professionals and researchers interested in furthering their knowledge of genomics.

Evaluation of Clinical Genomics

This project aims to measure the cost-effectiveness and short-term clinical outcomes of the use of genomics in health care. The initial focus will be on health economics but as the project progresses it will measure a broader range of outcomes such as the longer term societal cost and impact of diseases, and the benefits of tailored care for patients and their families.

Genomic Testing Innovation

This project will develop quality management systems for genomic testing in Queensland. The systems will cover the process of sample collection, processing, analysis, tracking, and reporting to ensure clinicians and patients have access to high quality genomic testing that is timely, cost-effective and standardised.

Genomic Information Management

The information management project aims to develop an architecture for Queensland genomics information management and the standards, policies and procedures to support a common infrastructure for the management and use of genomic data. The project will develop a prototype system to trial these standards for the capture and use of clinical and genomics data for clinical and research use.

Ethics, Legal and Social Implications of Genomics

The use of genomics in healthcare has the potential to transform healthcare delivery, but new approaches to diagnosing and treating disease also brings potential ethical, legal and social issues. This research project will develop a series of guidelines and policies to support a range of these matters including community engagement, consent, research, justice, and the clinical use of genomics. The overall aim of the project is to ensure the safe delivery of genomic medicine for the people of Queensland.

Full information on QGHA Project Evaluation Criteria (Round 1) can be found here.