QGHA All Hands - QGHA’s first meeting for the Alliance Community


QGHA’s first meeting for the Alliance Community - All Hands – was held on 14th November. The day showcased some of the QGHA’s cross-project relationships through a series of panel discussions, and was also a great forum for the Alliance community to get together and meet, to learn about each other’s work, and to network.

Guests included Round 1 Project Investigators, QGHA Community Group members, the QGHA Business Team and other members of the QGHA community.

The program included a keynote address from Dr Leslie Biesecker followed by three panels:

1.     How will genomic medicine be mainstreamed into healthcare in Queensland?
2.     The practical application of genomics to stop infection outbreaks in hospitals
3.     Is equity possible? The challenges, importance and approach to engaging with regional, remote, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities on genomic health services

A huge thank you to Dr Leslie Biesecker, all the panellists, and everyone who attended. The objective of the All Hands Meeting to support collaboration and relationship building within the Alliance community was certainly achieved, and a great day was had by all!

To view the recording of the event (please note that Adobe Flash Player is required – see instructions* below):  https://lecture.recordings.uq.edu.au:8443/ess/echo/presentation/11ddc023-c6b2-4ce5-956f-a69688622d0c

To listen to the podcast of the event: https://lecture.recordings.uq.edu.au:8443/ess/echo/presentation/11ddc023-c6b2-4ce5-956f-a69688622d0c/media.m4v

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