About Us

Organisational Structure

Queensland Genomics Health Alliance is a 5-year project, which aims to position Queensland as a world-leader in the translation of genomics research into healthcare practice.

Based on recommendations from the Queensland Health, an interim ‘collaboration-commissioning’ governance model for QGHA over the first 18 months has been implemented, during which Queensland Health will serve as the commissioning agent and UQ as the administering agent, supporting 5 capability-building workstreams (Workforce Development, Evaluation of Clinical Genomics, Genomic Testing, Stakeholder Access to Genomic Information, and Ethics, Legal and Social Implications), as well as four disease-focussed demonstration projects.

A grant review process, utilising expert national and international reviewers, was adopted to select the most promising projects for support from QGHA funding.

The State Government chose The University of Queensland (UQ) to lead the QGHA in a collaboration involving other Queensland-based universities and research organisations, the Queensland Hospital and Health Services network, private health providers, and associated health organisations throughout the State.

Taking into account the views of a broad range of stakeholders, and in recognising the importance of timely implementation, Queensland Health determined an initial mode of operation for the QGHA, which will be reviewed in 18 months. To this end, Queensland Health serves as the QGHA Commissioning Agent and UQ as the Administering Agent.

Commissioning Agent

As the Commissioning Agent, Queensland Health is responsible for approving:

  • Business plans;

  • Operating models;

  • Program structures;

  • Program and project budgets;

  • Project commissioning evaluation criteria; and

  • Project commissioning processes and guidelines.

Queensland Health is also responsible for final project selection and commissioning decisions, drawing upon independent assessment panel recommendations.

Administering Agent

As the Administering Agent, the University of Queensland is responsible for facilitating:

  • Selection and employment of the Executive Director and core support team;

  • The contracting of independent project application assessment panels;

  • The call for project applications; and

  • The finalisation of contracts with successful project applicants.

Through the QGHA Executive Director and associated QGHA core support team, the Administering Agent will, on an ongoing basis:

  • Provide overall program leadership and develop a collaborative environment;

  • Help co-ordinate activities between and across Demonstration Projects and Capability-building Workstreams;

  • Release funds in line with funding contracts and agreed milestones;

  • Communicate and promote the activities and achievements of the QGHA;

  • Consolidate and report ongoing progress against plan to Queensland Health;

  • Establish a Community Representative Advisory Group;

  • Facilitate regular QGHA internal communication events and forums; and

  • Monitor and manage the overall program budget.