Round 1

Clinical Demonstration Projects

Melanoma Project

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Queensland has the highest melanoma incidence and associated mortality rates in Australia and the world. The melanoma research project will focus on the use of genomics in the prevention and early detection of melanoma. In conjunction with 3D total body photography of moles and birthmarks, the project will undertake genomic testing for people at high risk of melanoma which will determine the effectiveness of genomics to enable prevention and earlier detection. This research will then be integrated into education for current and future clinicians to embed it into clinical practice.

Project Deliverables

Patient Recruitment and Testing:

  • Defined patient testing subjects - 380 samples

Data Analysis, Transfer and Reporting Approaches:

  • Research agreements with partnering investigators

  • Models for consent, sample collection, testing and genomic profiling

  • Initiation of data analysis, clinical reporting and pipeline analysis

  • Research database

  • Contribution to performance assessment of models

Health Economics Assessment:

  • Costs of current clinical pathways

  • Report impacts (economic and clinical) of new clinical pathway

Education/Workforce Development:

  • Protocol for consent and education materials

Ethics, Legal and Social Implications:

  • Genomics knowledge and application

  • Genomics policy/recommendations

Project Investigators

  • Lead - Professor H. Peter Soyer, PAH and UQ

  • Professor B. Mark Smithers PAH

  • Assoc. Professor Victoria Atkinson, PAH

  • Assoc. Professor Richard Sturm, UQ

  • Dr Mitchell Stark, UQ

  • Assoc. Professor Helmut Schaider, UQ

  • Elizabeth Peach, UQ

  • Dr Erin McMeniman, UQ

  • Professor Nikolas Hass, UQ

  • Assoc. Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani, UQ

  • Dr Anna Finnane, UQ

  • Professor Monika Janda, QUT

  • Professor David Whiteman, QIMRB

  • Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo, QUT

Melanoma Project Factsheet [pdf]