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Message from Executive Director

Queensland has a proud tradition and great capacity in genomics research, particularly in the domain of health and biomedicine.

I am really delighted to join you as part of the Queensland Genomics Health Alliance, and to be part of this shared journey to understand how genomics can improve health outcomes for Queensland communities and identify efficiencies for our healthcare system. Prior to this role I was the Head of Strategy, Architecture and Clinical Informatics for the national e-health program which, as a COAG entity, was formed to establish the standards and foundations for safe and secure clinical information exchange in Australia. Many of the lessons learned in the e-health journey are relevant to genomics, particularly the characteristics and application of evidenced based research, health economics and policy development, information management and market adaption, and, importantly, the role of clinical leadership.

In my first few weeks I have sought to gain an appreciation of the capabilities present in the market today, and to commence my journey to understand the issues and concerns, as well as the opportunities that exist in bringing genomics advances into everyday clinical practice. Alliance members must also be acknowledged and congratulated on their efforts to bring about this program, and through a consensus building workshop process to develop and submit a sound business case for government’s approval. To all the people I have met with to date, the researchers, the clinicians, the policy makers and healthcare managers, my sincere gratitude for your valuable time.

In the coming months, the Queensland Genomics Health Alliance will focus on progressing the first round of project funding. Our Alliance will foster partnerships among our stakeholders, seeking to develop a complimentary set of candidate projects for selection by Queensland Health, with support from an independent and expert panel. I look forward to working with the alliance members, and to realising the value of this investment through our project outcomes, and through greater collaboration and co-ordination of our mutual efforts.

Kind regards,

David Bunker