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Clinical Demonstration Projects

Hospital Acquired Infections Project

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Hospital-acquired infections are a part of modern health care across the world, and can be a significant risk to hospital patients, particularly those infections that are resistant to antibiotics. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 healthcare-associated infections in Australian acute healthcare facilities each year, making them the most common complication affecting patients in hospitals.

This project will sequence bacterial genomes, allowing a detailed analysis of the bacterial genes that relate to antibiotic resistance and infection transmission.

The outcome of this research will help hospitals to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections, and to prevent infection outbreaks before they become established.


Sample Collection, Testing:

  • Protocols developed for collecting samples; Pilot phase of testing workflows and pipelines

  • Real-time WGS – antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens

Data Analysis, Transfer and Reporting Approaches:

  • Models for consent, sample collection, testing, genomic profiling, data analysis, clinical reporting & pipeline analysis

  • Research Database of antibody resistant bacterial pathogens

  • Performance assessment of models

Health Economics Assessment:

  • A system for analysing costs and benefits of genomics in nosocomial infections

Education / Workforce Development:

  • Build the literacy, skills and confidence of the clinical and diagnostic workforce in genomics

Ethics, Legal and Social Implications:

  • Address the ethical, legal and social policy challenges associated with the delivery of genomics into everyday healthcare

Project Investigators

  • Professor David Paterson, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and The University of Queensland (lead)

  • Dr Patrick Harris, Pathology Queensland

  • Professor Graeme Nimmo, Pathology Queensland

  • Dr Anthony Allworth, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

  • Dr Krispin Hajkowicz, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

  • Dr Amy Jennison, Forensic and Scientific Services, Health Support Queensland

  • Professor Jeffrey Lipman, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

  • Associate Professor Julia Clark, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

  • Associate Professor Geoffrey Playford, Princess Alexandra Hospital

  • Professor Jason Roberts, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

  • Professor Mark Schembri, The University of Queensland

  • Associate Professor Scott Beatson, The University of Queensland

  • Associate Professor David Whiley, The University of Queensland

  • Professor Mark Walker, The University of Queensland

  • Dr Sanmarie Schlebusch, The University of Queensland

Hospital Acquired Infections Project Factsheet [pdf]