QGHA Governance Review Overview


Background to the QGHA Governance Review

When the QGHA was established in 2016, Queensland Health drew on the experiences of similar organisations in other jurisdictions to create an initial governance and operating mode which included:

  • Interim governance arrangements for QGHA with Queensland Health as the Commissioning Agent and The University of Queensland as the Administering Agent for the program
  • An established program logic to provide a framework for the QGHA program
  • An approach to evaluate and select suitable projects for Round 1
  • A contractually agreed review of governance and operations to be conducted at the mid-point for the first round of funded projects.

About the QGHA Governance Review

The objective of the QGHA Governance Review is to make recommendations for the future operations and governance of the QGHA.

The overarching scope of the QGHA Governance Review includes:

  • Evaluating the process for selecting and awarding Round 1 projects
  • A review of program operations
  • Evaluating the progress of Round 1 Projects towards QGHA's objectives
  • A review of governance roles and responsibilities

The Governance Review will be conducted by the QGHA Business Team and overseen by Queensland Health through QGHA’s current governance arrangements. Queensland Health may determine additional support for the governance body during the period of the review.

In conducting the Governance Review the QGHA Business Team will seek input from a range of key stakeholders including:

  • Round 1 Project Investigators and Funding Recipients
  • Round 1 Grant Applicants, Registrations
  • The QGHA Community Group
  • Queensland Health, and Health and Hospital Services
  • The University of Queensland, and other Academic and Research Organisations in Queensland
  • Genomics Alliances operating within Australia

The timing for the formal activity for the Governance Review is April-September 2018.