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Genomics Collaborations Across Australia

QGHA is working with genomics alliances across Australia to implement genomics into everyday healthcare.

Australian Genomics Health Alliance

Australian Genomics is an NHMRC-funded national collaborative network committed to implementing genomic medicine within Australia and providing evidence to inform policy and practice. Australian Genomics is made up of over 70 partner organisations including the clinical and diagnostic genetics services of all states and territories, the state-based genomics initiatives and the major research and academic institutions in Australia.


Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance

Founded in 2013, Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance has pioneered a model for creating the widespread, evidence-based change necessary to deliver genomics within the healthcare system. This model has since been adopted by the Queensland and Australian Genomics Health Alliances, the Genetic Alliance of New Zealand, and is being considered for implementation in Canada.



Sydney Genomics Collaborative

The Sydney Genomics Collaborative program is using genetic technologies to improve patient outcomes, and boost genomic research across NSW.The Collaborative utilises the Illumina HiSeq X Ten, a high-speed genome sequencing system operated by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research (GIMR). The Illumina HiSeq X Ten technology enables the study of whole-genome sequences at the scale of large populations.



Canberra Clinical Genomics

Canberra Clinical Genomics is a joint initiative of ACT Health and the Australian National University. The core clinical DNA sequencing services and bioinformatics build on the pipeline established at the Centre for Personalised Immunology and take advantage of the National Computational Infrastructure at ANU.



South Australian Genomics Health Alliance

To ensure South Australia continues as a major innovator at the cutting edge of genomic medicine leading researchers, clinicians and pathologists have joined to form the SA Genomics Health Alliance.