QGHA Nosocomial Project: Practical Microbial Genomics Workshop for ID Workforce


The Nosocomial Infections project held a Practical Microbial Genomics Workshop at UQCCR in November. The focus of the event was to help clinicians, public health practitioners, infection control nurses and others to understand the role, application, practical implementation and pitfalls of WGS for molecular microbiology and epidemiology.

The program featured guest speaker Jason Kwong, an Infectious Diseases Physician and a NHMRC postgraduate research scholar. Jason is an investigator on the Melbourne Genomics superbug project. That project will assess whether genomic sequencing can track the transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in real-time across multiple hospitals, improving control of superbugs and preventing further spread. As well as a series of lectures, the workshop included sequencing demonstrations in the lab, and practical computing sessions exploring genomic data analysis.

The program also featured presentations from:

Brian Forde - Explanation of the available technologies
Scott Beatson - Using genomics in outbreaks
Amy Jennison - Genomics in Public Health microbiology
Leah Roberts - Case examples: genomics in hospital outbreak investigation
Patrick Harris - WGS for routine surveillance of MROs
Lachlan Coin - Future horizons

The objective of the day was to arm the ID workforce with introductory knowledge of the possibilities in using WGS to track and stop infections in hospitals.

A big thank you to Patrick Harris and Krispin Hajkowicz from the Nosocomial Infections Project for organising the program, speakers and promotion for the event.

QGHA assisted the Nosocomial Infection project team with sponsorship, administration and event management support. If your project would like to organise an event to support QGHA’s objectives please email us at communications@qgha.org to discuss sponsorship, support and collaboration opportunities.