Round 2

Capability and Infrastructure Work Program for 2018

Approach and timing for Capability and Infrastructure Work Program for 2019

The Capability & Infrastructure Work Program (2019) Business Case will be developed in partnership with Alliance participants from the Round 1 Capability Building Workstreams and Queensland Health business functions and state-wide services, as well as applicants to the Round 2 Clinical Project investment fund.

The objective for the work program is to undertake commissioned activities that build towards the capability and broad supporting infrastructure that will accelerate the implementation of clinical genomics in Queensland.

The Capability & Infrastructure Work Program (2019) will incorporate activities:

  • developed to enhance Queensland Health state-wide services and core business functions to support the adoption of clinical genomics, and

  • undertaken to support Round 2 Clinical Projects, as determined through Gate 3 of the Clinical Project Application Process matching the needs of Queensland Health.

The QGHA Governance Oversight Group will provide investment recommendations to Queensland Health for approval in line with QGHA’s governance and oversight.

The 2019 Capability and Infrastructure work program planning is aligned with the Round 2 Clinical Application Management Process. (As illustrated in the image below).

CIW Graphic.png

The Commissioning Process for the Capability and Infrastructure Work Program

It is anticipated that capability and infrastructure activities for 2019 will be identified through the following sources:

  • Round 1 Capability Building Workstream findings from Round 1

  • Queensland Health state-wide services and core business functions

  • QGHA Round 2 Clinical projects

Over the next few months, the QGHA Business Team will ramp up engagement with Round 1 Capability Building Workstreams, other capability and infrastructure suppliers and relevant Queensland Health core functions who are the ultimate client for capability and infrastructure development. Queensland Health core functions include:

  • eHealth Qld

  • Pathology Qld

  • Genetic Health Qld

  • Clinical Excellence Qld

  • Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division

  • Strategy, Policy and Planning Divisions

  • Hospital and Health Services, including Children’s Health Queensland.

The goal of that engagement is to identify the key areas of health need for consideration in the 2019 Capability and Infrastructure Work Program.


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