About Us

With endorsement and support from the Queensland State Government, the Queensland Genomics Health Alliance (QGHA) is a patient-centred and clinically-led entity, aiming to develop and empower a community of genomics professionals who will drive interest, learning and dialogue in genomics and its clinical application.

On the 22nd of September 2015, the Queensland State Government announced a $25m five-year commitment to research aimed at integrating genomics into everyday healthcare. With the goal of positioning Queensland as a world-leader in the translation of genomics research into healthcare practice, the Queensland Genomics Health Alliance (QGHA) will drive collaboration between the state’s health system and research and academic communities. As a patient-centred and clinically-led entity, the QGHA will fully evaluate the ways that genomics can improve health outcomes for Queenslanders, and build the case for accelerated implementation.

In collaboration with colleagues from both Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance and Australian Genomics Health Alliance, QGHA will harness expertise from health care, industry, research, and academic organisations, so that we can collectively address the challenge of translating genomics data into meaningful clinical care, and in doing so improve the health of our community.