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Round 1 Projects Announced

The QGHA Round 1 funded projects have been announced. The four key disease areas selected for the clinical demonstration projects in Round 1 are melanoma, lung cancer, infectious diseases and maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY).

The capability building workstreams are: genomic information management; genomic testing innovation; genomic workforce development; ethics, legal and social implications of genomics; and the evaluation of the application of clinical genomics in the Queensland health system.

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Ultimately the QGHA seeks to understand how genomics can improve healthcare and health outcomes throughout the communities of Queensland. Find out more.

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Queensland’s status as a global leader in genomics research is supported by international competitive research teams and experts active in the fields of bioinformatics, transcriptomics, genetic models of disease and development, stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, and drug discovery. Find out more.